To be entitled in our online tender, you can start to bid after you had paid RM500 as deposit for only one-time. Our online tender will be held on every week. Every Friday to every Wednesday, 12pm.
If you bid a vehicle successfully, Hanamaru Auction Malaysia commission is RM300 or 10% of final bid price + TSP fees + Transfer of ownership fees.
For payment method, you can pay through online banking or bank cheque. Payment should be done within 3 working days once we issued invoice.
To check out more information, please feel free to contact our office 03-27150870 or WhatsApp to +6012-7340870.

For request refund of deposit, please email to auction@hanamaru.my or contact our office 03-27150870 or WhatsApp to +6012-7340870 to request for refund of deposit. Deposit will be refund within 10 working days.

We didn't have live auction currently; we just only have online tender.

We didn't have live auction currently; we just only have online tender.

Hanamaru Auction Malaysia are only available for online tender through website.

Our online tender for salvage car will be held every week. You are welcomed to visit our official website www.hanamaruauction.my for latest updates anytime!

In Hanamaru Auction Malaysia "Tender Auction" area, we did not disclose reserve price for vehicles. The purpose is to let bidder to make the best offer price as much as they can.
For vehicles which did not reached reserve price, these vehicles will be entitled to "Negotiation Area".
In "Negotiation Area", reserve price will disclose for bidders to negotiate final selling price with Hanamaru Auction.

Of course! All you have to do is enter your ideal bidding price and click "Bid" button in the vehicles you are bidding. You may amend your ideal bidding price before online tender ends.

We are selling two type of cars in Hanamaru Auction Malaysia: Wreck cars and Scrap cars.

To register as our member is easy as ABC! You can register an account for FREE in our official website www.hanamaruauction.my , your own Login ID will be provided once we had verified your information.

Once our online tender starts, you can select the cars that you wanted to bid. To bid for your favorite cars, click the "Bid" button and enter the bid price you want to bid. Before submitted your bid price, select the status of the cars (Wreck or Scrap) that you want to purchase.

Yes, it allowed to bid however the account and deposit must be under your name or company name. Any unauthorized used of your account will be your own risk and your own responsibility. For cars that are successfully bid, the car title will be transferred to your name or your company name.

Yes, you can bid any car with unlimited number of cars once you had paid deposit.

Why not? You can bid for ideal car in our auction every week once you had paid deposit!

We are sorry that currently we did not allow our bidder to view and inspect cars before auction. To view details of the vehicle, you may contact or WhatsApp us to request details picture of the vehicles that you are interested.

Currently we only accept full payment through online banking or bank cheque.

You need to complete the payment within 3 working days from the date of invoice issued.

We did not disclose any reserve price in "Tender Auction" area. If a vehicle did not reach our supplier's reserve price, Hanamaru Auction will contact you to negotiate on your behalf and try to discuss with our supplier to accept your highest bid.

For bidder who are using company name to register an account in Hanamaru Auction, we require your company SSM copy and car association certificate to proof your company are their member.

To pay deposit for starting your bid, you can contact our office number 03-27150870 or WhatsApp to +6012-7340870 to request our bank account details.

You can tow out your purchased vehicles within 5 working days once Hanamaru Auction had issued "Pickup Voucher" to your Hanamaru Auction account after we had received your payment.